Floyd Mayberry is a Medical Missionary Evangelist from Los Angeles, Ca. He was introduced to this message during a crusade in 1997 where many souls were called but few answered. It was not long before the Lord made known his calling for Bro. Floyd and he was sponsored to attend medical missionary training at Centurion Ministries by Mammon WIlson in Tennessee. Floyd began to pick up the information and learn very quickly. It was not long before everyone including Floyd knew that God had gifted him in this area. He was soon traveling the world spreading the gospel with the gift that God has given him. Today Floyd Mayberry is one of the most sought after Medical Evangelist in the states. He beautifully brings the health message from the word of God in an eye opening and convicting way. He has traveled all over the United States and abroad London, The Virgin Islands, Hawaii, and Bermuda to name a few. He is currently planning to open a life style center in Bunker Missouri where he will teach others the work as well as teach many a better way of living through Jesus Christ.


Founder & Director:

Medical Missionary Evangelist Floyd Mayberry.


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